Capacity Development Programme

Our capacity development programme is a fundamental, defining feature of the Challenge.
Its ultimate aim is to support the evolution of our future, high-tech economy by bringing about a shift in the way physical science and engineering researchers engage with the innovation ecosystem.

Innovation capacity 

Innovation capacity consists of three components:

  • technical capacity (science and engineering)
  • human capacity (people and their skills)
  • relational capacity (the network between researchers and industry)jk

Learning Pathways

In additional to working closely with individual research teams, there are a range of bespoke opportunities for Challenge researchers to develop specialised knowledge, skills, and competences as teams and individuals progress along the innovation lifecycle.

The Learning Pathways and Activities framework (see diagram below) provides a high-level definition and structure of the range of learning outcomes for capacity development, and describes the types of activities for each learning pathway at various stages of the innovation lifecycle.

svdBased on the framework, a menu of activities has been composed, detailing concrete activities and providers. Researchers are encouraged to apply to the Capacity Development fund if they'd like to participate in relevant activities from the Menu, or discuss activities they've identified.