Portfolio 4: Smart services

p 4 heroThe research 

Portfolio 4 aims to enable organisations to combine analytics techniques and new ICT methods to create value from large quantities of data through better processing, presentation, collaboration and decision-making tools.

Smart services involve combinations of data capture and storage, analytics, security, communication, and presentation/interaction technologies. 

Smart services research has the potential to create economic benefits in several areas:

  • increased export earnings for target industries
  • cost savings (due to increasing value chain efficiencies)
  • technology commercialisation (licensing platform technologies created). 

Many of the research projects will involve an industry partner, which presents opportunities to commercialise the research outputs and encourage capacity development in the Smart Services area as an exemplar for better connecting researchers and companies.

R Five 

deThe spearhead project for Portfolio 4 is R Five – a collaborative modelling effort looking at the effects on New Zealand businesses of randomness, risk, rivals, remoteness and resource limitations. 

The R Five project will create value for New Zealand primary and manufacturing industries, as well as leading to the development of services (through the provision of new software models) for both the public and private sector.  

R Five has three application areas of research:

  • value chain optimisation models 
  • robust operations planning under risk
  • modelling Vision Mātauranga and Māori capacity development

The team

Portfolio 4 leader – Andy Philpott 

  • Professor Tava Olsen. University of Auckland - value chain optimisation: contracting)
  • Associate Professor Andrew Mason. University of Auckland - Māori capacity development
  • Dr Golbon Zakeri. University of Auckland -  robust operations planning
  • Professor Caroline Saunders. Lincoln University - value chain optimisation: markets
  • Dr Marcus Frean. Victoria University of Wellington - Māori capacity development
  • Dr Bryan Graham.  Scion - value chain optimisation and Māori capacity development: forestry
  • Dr Geoffrey Pritchard. University of Auckland - electric power optimisation
  • Dr Janet Stephenson. University of Otago - sustainable resource management