Seed projects

2017 seed projects

14  June 2017:

The 2017 Seed project round has now closed.

SfTI intends to announce successful proposals in the next few days.

Background: Seed projects are about clever science addressing a potentially disruptive technology area that aligns with one or more of our research themes.

Seed projects involve high-risk, high-reward research that could help shape the direction of the Challenge and play a key role in the development of New Zealand’s future high-tech economy.

In 2017 the intention is to fund around 15 projects with up to $100,000 per annum each, for up to two years.  

The aim is to fund high quality applications with strong alignment to our IT, Data Analytics & Modelling (ITDAM) and Vision Mātauranga research themes and those featuring emerging researchers.

2016 seed projects

In 2016 we funded 10 seed projects investigating everything from the science behind supercharging the capacity of lithium batteries by up to ten times, to bio-printing live plant cells with the aim of creating a new, sustainable industry for synthetic wood manufacture.

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